Faculty of Dentistry - Mashhad

Client: Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Project Specifications: The building housing Mashhad University of Medical Sciences' faculty of dentistry is an old building on the campus of Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran.  

Solution: The refurbishment and extension project of the building commenced in 2017, in which it is planned to add one storey to the building. Consequently, the need for exact measurement and balancing of the fluid flow in old and new pipelines was sensed by the client. During our meetings with their technical team, we offered using 8 pcs. of FRESE STBV FODRV manual balancing valves in order to address the full requirements of the project. It is notable that one TA-SCOPE device was also provided for the technical team to be able to measure and balance during the operation phase. mashhad dental school