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Picture of MDB46


The MDB46 actuator is used in the control of dampers acting directly on the damper shaft itself. Without emergency return function and has a maximum angular stroke of 90°. It is used to regulate the air in building air conditioning and ventilation systems for control dampers up to 3 yoke meters. Supplied with cable 3 x 0.75 mmq length 1000 mm.
Picture of MDB56


The MDB56 actuator is used in damper control by acting directly on the damper shaft. Without emergency return function and has a maximum angular travel of 90 °. It is used for air regulation in air conditioning and ventilation systems of buildings for regulation shutters up to 3 sq.m. Supplied cable 4 x 0.75 mmq length 1000 mm.
Picture of MDA44


MDA actuator is used on VFA butterfly for heating and cooling systems. All models are equipped with manual control, IP54 degree of protection and have a maximum angular stroke of 90°.
Picture of MCA230


MCA actuators are used on manifolds for radiant floor/ceiling heating and cooling systems. MCA is designed for ON-OFF (2-wire) control in space heating and cooling systems that use distribution manifolds for temperature control in each individual room. Thanks to the innovative adaptation system, this actuator makes it possible to power the vast majority of valves for terminal units and manifolds with a stroke of up to 4 mm on the market. The integrated microswitch allows direct or indirect operation (with external relay) of a pump or a fan so as to ensure the opening of the circuit before starting the device. Power cable length 2 m.
Picture of MVE


MVE is a very flexible electromechanical actuator for the control of two and three-way globe valves usable in heating and air conditioning systems, air handling units, district heating plants and industrial control systems. The actuator is suitable for harsh environments requiring an IP65 degree of protection. The actuator can be controlled either by a proportional (modulating) control or by a floating signal. Installing and connecting the actuator is very simple. It is possible to mount it directly on all types of CONTROLLI flanged valves, while for the CONTROLLI threaded valves and for the valves of other manufacturers, connection kits are available. The actuator has a very high resolution (500 steps over the entire stroke range) for precise control of the fluid temperature and is able to self-calibrate on different strokes without the need for user intervention (this function is selectable through the DIP switches present). MVE is equipped with diagnostic functions which, in the event of faults, indicate the specific problem by means of 2 LEDs (RED and GREEN) located on the control board.
Picture of MVT


The MVT actuator is used in coupling with push / pull valves or in coupling with fixed stroke valves with return spring . It allows the regulation of the flow of hot and chilled water in two and four-pipe terminal units, zone systems, solar systems, small post-heating and dehumidification coils. The MVT actuator is of the bidirectional electric type . The valve stem is driven by a synchronous motor and a gear train optimized for high performance and minimum noise emissions. The actuator is equipped with a limit force mechanism that cuts off the power supply to the motor when the force of 300N is reached. If configured as an auto stroke, the software of the proportional models allows the learning of the stroke, so it can be used on any valve as long as it respects the maximum stroke limit allowed.