Balancing Valves

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Picture of Frese ALPHA DN15-DN50

Frese ALPHA DN15-DN50

The Frese ALPHA Valves are particularly designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing of heating and cooling circuits. The Frese ALPHA Cartridges - the second generation cartridges - are an integral part of the Frese ALPHA Valves limiting the flow at the specified level even under fluctuating pressure conditions. The patented design of these cartridges introduces a replaceable orifice plate for higher flexibility and a resistant diaphragm for higher accuracy. From small size threaded valves (DN15) to big flanged type valves (DN800), from small heating units to district cooling applications, Frese ALPHA Valves guarantee the hydraulic balance of the system regardless pressure fluctuations.
Picture of Frese STBV FODRV


The Frese FODRV is a Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve for flow balancing and verification. The Frese FODRV is ideally suited for use in heating and cooling applications for the balancing and accurate verification of flow in various sections of the system. The Frese FODRV balancing valve ensures simple and reliable verification of the system and can be installed in both variable flow systems and constant flow systems. The double regulating valve feature allows the valve to be set to the required position and locked thus limiting the opening of the valve. If required, the valve can then be isolated by turning the hand wheel to set point 0.0 and reopened to the previous set point. The integral fixed orifice, which has a fixed dimension and geometry, induces a difference in pressure for flow measurement.
Picture of TA Compact - P

TA Compact - P

Guaranteed to deliver precise hydronic balancing and high controllability to meet the desired room temperature for maximum comfort in cooling and heating systems.TA-COMPACT-P offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities. With TA-COMPACT-P it’s easy to understand system behavior and performance. Accurate measuring allows you to maximize energy efficiency of the system, while minimizing energy consumption.​
Picture of TA Fusion - P

TA Fusion - P

Pressure independent combined balancing and control valves with independent EQM characteristics These innovative pressure independent balancing and control valves for heating and cooling systems combine the key hydronic functions of balancing and control in one valve. Adjustable max. flow and inherent independent EQM characteristics allow correct valve sizing and optimum system controllability. The measuring points enable accurate measurement of flow, differential pressure, temperature and available differential pressure.
Picture of TA Modulator

TA Modulator

TA-Modulator is a highly precise pressure independent control valve. The new valve insert with uniquely shaped EQM characteristic (patent pending) provides outstanding ability to precisely control even very small flows. TA-Modulator works also perfect with oversized coils which require much less flow than initially requested.
Picture of TA STAD


The STAD balancing valve delivers accurate hydronic performance in an impressive range of applications. Ideally suited for use on the secondary side in heating and cooling systems, and tap water systems.