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Picture of TQ-D32-CO2


The TQ-D32 air quality transmitters are designed to control fresh air flow in air conditioning systems. Two different models are available. TQ-D32-CO2 determines the air quality through measurement of CO2 concentration (ppm). The output signal can be used to control fresh air fans and dampers according to the ventilation load. It is equipped with a single output which automatically determines whether to run in current or voltage mode, no more jumpers or switches to worry about.
Picture of Room Thermostat

Room Thermostat

4200-2831 room thermostat is used in air conditioning plants and it is especially suitable to residential applications, offices, hotels, etc.
Picture of VSX


Micra valves are used to control the flow of hot or cold water in heating and air conditioning systems. The innovative and patented design makes the Micra valves the most compact on the market thus allowing easy installation on the terminal units. The PN16 valve body is made of brass with 1/2 "and 3/4" threaded connections while the internal parts are made of reinforced technopolymer. The stop is perfect both on the direct way and on the corner road and is made with EPDM o-ring gaskets compatible with water and glycol mixtures. All the external metal parts are made of stainless materials ensuring the absence formation of rust even in the presence of condensation.All models can be equipped with thermal shells.
Picture of VMX


شیرهای مدل میکرا برای کنترل جریان آب سرد و گرم در سیستم های سرمایش و گرمایش استفاده می شوند. طراحی منحصر به فرد این سری شیرها و قابلیت نصب بسیار راحت در پایانه های حرارتی این مدل را تبدیل به یکی از بهترین انتخاب ها در بازار می کند. بدنه ی این شیر از جنس برنج و دارای فشار نامی 16 می باشد. و دارای اتصالات دنده ای ½ و ¾ ام اینچ می باشد و بخش داخلی آن از تکنو پلیمر تقویت شده ساخته شده است. توقف در مسیر ابتدا و انتهای کورس شیر به خوبی با اورینگ EPDM آب بندی شده اند که باعث می شود این شیر برای آب و ترکیب های گلیکول بسیار سازگار باشد. تمام قسمت های فلزی بیرونی، از مواد ضد زنگ ساخته شده اند، که باعث جلوگیری از زنگ زدگی شیر حتی در حضور چگالش می شوند. تمام مدل ها قابلیت مجهز شدن به پوسته های حرارتی را دارند.
Picture of 2FGA series Valves

2FGA series Valves

The 2FGA series valves are used for the control of fluids belonging to group 2 (water, superheated water, steam) according to the provisions of article 13 of Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) in air conditioning, heating and civil heating systems and industrial and plants and thermal machines of industrial processes; therefore they can not be used as safety valves. The valve body is made of gray cast iron with a stainless steel plug with an equipercentual characteristic and PN16 flanged connections. Seat and plug in stainless steel AISI 303 and Teflon seals make the valve particularly suitable for the control of aggressive fluids such as saturated or overheated steam.
Picture of BD297


The BD297 differential pressure switches are used in air conditioning and ventilation systems to control the differential pressure of filters, batteries and fans. They are electromechanical regulators of the two position type with silver contacts and two 6 mm diameter pressure fittings for PVC flexible pipe (pressure coupling). The differential trigger pressure can be varied from the knob on the front of the device from 40 Pa to 400 Pa. The BD297 is equipped with a 1.5 A relay (0.4 A inductive) at 250 Vac and has a degree of protection IP54.